Well Yesterday the Skiing Was So, So Good



32º at 8am. Half an inch of sleet, ice, and freezing rain.  Everything is covered and shiny. Pretty, but not a good thing.


We will be closed until? We need the snow on the ground to freeze up and dry out. And new snow to fall, and then, we will be good to go again. As we always do, we will be open again as quickly as possible.




The next photo in the Peregrine hat club is Chuck, Ian and Dick. Ian and Dick examining the shovel. I guess this means they are real Vermonters. Standing around talking about the broken shovel. “It was a good shovel. The snow doesn’t stick to this shovel. It lasted about 5 years. That is a long life for a shovel at Wild Wings. I remember when I used that shovel to shovel the entire wet spot on the outer Snow Goose. The new shovel won’t be near this good. Maybe this one will go the rest of the winter” Yep, good Vermonters. 


And in case you missed skiing yesterday, below is a short video of skiing the downhill close to the end of the Peregrine.
















    • Jenny Tuthill on December 2, 2018 at 9:12 am
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    Good to see Chuck and Tracy still setting tracks after all these years; we recall skiing back in the day in Bozeman when we were all so young; and at your wedding I stepped on a rusty submerged pipe, gauged my foot and ended up in the Livingston hospital. Here’s to a good snow year here in NH and over there in Vt!

    1. Well, hello Jenny Tuthill. We are still out there putting in tracks! If you ever get over this way stop in for a ski.

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