Waiting For The Cold Air To Return



39º at 7am.  This is the high for today. The temperature is suppose to drop all day with a low tonight of 20º. The snow will need to dry out and freeze up before we can start to work with it to get skiing again.

We had a mix of weather yesterday. Sleet, ice, freezing rain and rain. There was some lightening and thunder. We still about 18 inches of snow on the ground. So most,95% or so, of the trails are still covered. There were wet spots out there before the rain and so those wet spots will be a little bit bigger. We will put out more balsam branches, and shovel more snow on top.

Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to work we go. Ian and Andy went out yesterday and cleared the Middle Blue Jay, from last Tuesday’s storm. I say it like it was easy. They were out 4 or 5 hours. They were on snow shoes in the thunder and lightening walking 8 times farther than the length of the trail to get all the debris cut up and thrown out of the trail. Jonathon was part of the work detail, but pinched his saw in the first tree he found, a huge old maple, and he and Chuck spent the rest of the time getting it unpinched and unstuck. 

This is another picture of the skiing tree cutting. It was fun! This is the bigger family tree, Ian pulled it down. If you saw the picture of the tree I was pulling yesterday it was only about 6 feet and was for Catie’s bedroom. Pulling the trees out left a smooth trail and a really great design in the snow. Catie said it reminded her of the Starry Night painting. 

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