One More Day of Good Skiing


Open, 25º at 7am. Mostly sunny.

The skiing today is good. The expected high is 40º and the clouds will move in later this afternoon. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse, Peregrine. And Goshawk, Catie skied it with her little group last night and told me about the new, fun Goshawk.

Here is a 2 second loop video of Scott and Ben classic skiing.  This photo is from our friend Ben’s instagram page. This is how you do it when you are 19. And his dad, I know John would tell you getting to ski with Ben and friend Scott yesterday was the best day ever too!

Awwwww…..the weather. Today good, then a few days of crap. The Christmas thaw, whatever you call it is not going to be pretty. Rain Thursday night and Friday. Cold again by Sunday. We will reassess daily, but my best guess right now is we will be closed until we get some new snow. Depending on what damage the rain does, sometimes we need a couple inches of new snow, sometimes 6-8 inches of new snow.

And the solstice celebration tonight, hosted by West River Nordic, 5:30pm, potluck, byob and bring a head lamp.

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