Waiting For Snow


Closed. 34º and raining. 

Well, yuk! We had a good run. We now have to wait out the rain, let if dry out and freeze up, get a little new snow and then we will be good to go again. We have been skiing since November 15th. Some skiing really scratchy and some skiing really good. We will get skiing again ASAP! I’ll keep you up to date.

The two girls in the photo were from yesterday, December 20th, and they had a great ski!



Last night, the Solstice Celebration, was great! Lots of kids skiing, lots of adults skiing. Lots of fire and fun. The fire was wonderful and the skiing was all by headlamp or ambient light from the moon behind the clouds. Put it on your calender for next year. Sometime around 20th or 21st. 

Reviews and Organizations

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