Great Day For a Great Spring Ski


I love smiling skiers!

Open, 17º at 7am, and sunny. Forecast, 41º, partly sunny.

Today looks like the best weather day of the rest of this week. The forecast has not been real accurate. So, we’ll see.

Spring skiing, hard and fast in the morning and late afternoon. Slower and softer in the middle part of the day. Depending on temperature and sun, and today both temperature and sun will make good skiing.

Cliff has added an area at the bottom right of this page, where you can write too. The web people call it “testimonials”, Cliff and I are calling it “I like to ski here too……” . Click on the form fill it out, one of us approves it, and then everyone gets to see what you think. 

Empty those buckets!

Gathered sap yesterday. More to gather today and boiling. Looks like the week is for making syrup and skiing. 

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