A Dusting of Snow Overnight. An inch of snow by 9am, updated post.


Open, 14º at 7am. Forecast high 32º This post updated at 9am.

Ian is out in the new rig. What a rig it is.  Look at that track! It is snowing and the skiing is great. Great day to break out the goggles or clear lens glasses. We haven’t had a snowy day like this in a while. It is fun. The forecast Chuck is quoting was up to an inch an hour this afternoon. Woohoo!

And it sounds like more snow is on its way this week. I will say it again, I am loving February.

New side by side groomer update, the wiring was successful. Working, not quite the way it had been expected to, but working. With plans hatched to fix/upgrade a few of the wiring pieces. Ian did a great job on the wiring, I am so glad that was not my job, my heads spins just trying to envision connecting all the wires to connectors. If you bring Ian a breakfast sandwich from Bromley Market, I bet he would give you a demonstration of the new set up.

Yesterday Chuck pulled and reset the culvert on Chickadee. It had also washed out in the last two rain events. Today he is up shoveling snow back onto the culvert, He also informed our buddies, the loggers, that we would be sending skiers up on the Chickadee next weekend. The trail will be in great shape with the exception of the 200 yards of trail where they are logging. But with all the snow that is coming, we are going up there.

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