13.1″ of New Snow (edited at 10:50am)


 Open 27º at 10:50am and dropping all day 5º for an overnight low. 13.1 inches of new snow! We stayed all snow!

The skiing is really good and will just get better! And for today a work in progress. Everything is going well.

Ian has a track in all the lower trails. Chuck used the snow machine to pack the Middle and Upper Blue Jay, and the Chickadee. You can ski those as is. Chuck and Ian will continue to work on the trails. I know they want a track in all the trails by the end of the day. The tracks then will set up overnight (with the colder temperatures) and the tracks tomorrow will be firm and hard, vs today, they tracks are a little softer and slower.

This was not the fluffy, airy, cold snow. This 13 inches is heavy. This was the kind of snow that looks blue and smells wet. As the wind blows it is drying out.

16 km, Turkey, Grouse, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Goshawk, Lower, Middle and Upper Blue Jay open packed and tracked. Upper and Middle Blue Jay,  are  packed with the snow machine. Track to follow. Chickadee, not today, hopefully tomorrow. No guarantees.





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