And the Chickadee is Open.


Skiing this good show be illegal!

Open. 10º at 6:30am. Forecast high 23º. The snow is wonderful. The skiing is fabulous. Figure out a way to get here and ski!

Ian has groomed and put a single track in the Chickadee, Loon, and Middle and Upper Blue Jay. These are open, a little bumpy and humpy and wonderfully fun, great skiing.

He groomed late last night, the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Lower Blue Jay. Double track put in by the new rig. Like skiing on silk. (He groomed yesterday from 5am to 7:30pm.)

We ended up with 13 inches of new snow. I have heard from you all down in the valley, that the precipitation on Sunday night turned to rain. WE STAYED ALL SNOW! And more expected Wednesday. Great skiing today. When you ski Wednesday you might want goggles, the skiing will be really good. Thursday will be another work in progress day, good skiing, new snow is a little more work, but still fabulous. And Friday would be another day to skip work.

The weather in general is pretty fickle. Ski while the skiing is great!


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