Another Great Day To Ski

 Jonathan and Ian skiing on the Loon.

Skiing on the Loon. Go here to see this photo as a video on Instagram.

Open, 21º at 7am. Forecast high 31º. Four and a half inches of light fluffy snow overnight. Just keeps getting better!

Skiing is about as good as it gets. Grab your friends and your lunch, Maxiglide, or extra blue and get out to ski. With 4 1/2 inches of snow overnight, all freshly groomed, a beautiful day for a ski. 

Bring your Maxiglide, or the Swix equivalent. Using Maxiglide is like greasing a pan. You rub it on no wax skis to keep the ski from icing up on days with fresh snow around 30 to 34 º, or if the sun hits the new snow.  Bring yours or buy some here. Rub it on tip to tail and take it with you.

It was brought to our attention this week that we have a mention in Vermont Sports. We were named favorite Nordic ski area in southern Vermont. Check out the article here. 

Cliff added a Groomer Photo page you can check out here. I think there are very few people that truly appreciate what the groomers do behind the scenes. Ian has been taking some pictures and putting them up on SmugMug.

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