This Is Your Lucky Day, Chickadee Is Open.


 Open, 21º at 7am. Forecast high 31º. 3 inches of snow overnight. Storm total 20″. Great, fabulous skiing today.

What a day, the skiing yesterday was great. A little grabby and a little icing happening on the skis. Bring your Maxiglide, put it on and take it with you.

Ian is out now grooming on the snow machine “up above”. The picture below is on the Chickadee this morning. He will next take the Ranger and the new ginzu on the “lower trails”.

We may not have won the total snow fall amount. But we have plenty and because it is not as much we are able to work and get good skiing faster. It is your lucky day. 

New track on the Chickadee as of 7am on Friday, 3/9/2018.

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