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Yoga schedule July 28th through August 4th (Schedule at the bottom)

This is Gretchen. The middle child. She participated in her first Iron Man (Woman) last weekend in Lake Placid, NY. Lake Placid is beautiful! The event, a whole other story. Beautiful, painful, crying, laughing. Wow. Starting at 6:15am with a 2.4 mile swim around Mirror Lake. Maisie and I slept in. Maisie got up to see...   read more

Yoga schedule July 20th through July 30th (Schedule at the bottom)

And this is what a new hip looks like!


An x-ray of my new hardware. The new hip is great and I know at a point in the near future it won’t hurt. But this is a process and I am 1 month in. Another month or 2 and I should be good to go. The next picture you see of my hips will be skiing. I can walk a mile on my crutches, not really much fun. I can...   read more

Yoga schedule July 14th through July 28th

Below is the schedule for the next few weeks. Please note changes 9-10:15am. And, no class Saturday the 21st, or Monday morning the 23rd at 9am. YES class Monday, the 23rd, at 5:30pm. Gretchen is participating in an Iron Man competition in Lake Placid. Ian and I are going to cheer for; no injuries, and a finish...   read more

Yoga schedule July 7th through July 14th

  • The foxglove seem to be loving the heat. Me, not so much. I am a lover of 75º during the day and 50º at night. This weather is the pits. The bike race went off last Saturday without a hitch, it was hot but not as hot as Sunday. See below for a few photos. And see here for some of the professional photos.
  • July
...   read more

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