Yoga Schedule May 4th-May 11th (Schedule At The End)


Today   Mary Oliver

Today I’m fling low and I’m not saying a word.

I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

The world goes on as it must, the bees in the garden rumbling a little, the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.

And so forth.

But I’m taking the day off.

Quiet as a feather. I hardly move though really I’m traveling a terrific distance.


One of the doors into the temple.


What are you doing on all these rainy days?


  • May 4th, Saturday, 8:30-9:30am, slow flow
  • May 6th, Monday, 9-10:15am, slow flow
  • May 6th, Monday, 5:30-6:45pm,slow flow
  • May 7th, Tuesday, 7:30-8:30am, sore and stiff
  • May 8th, Wednesday , 9-10:15am, slow flow
  • May 10th, Friday, 7:30-8:30am, sore and stiff
  • May 10th, Friday, 9-10:15am, slow flow
  • May 11th, Saturday, 8:30-9:30am, slow flow

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