Wishing for snow, I would take a flake or two.


Skiing the Lower Blue Jay

Open. 21º at 7am.

Ian is driving around and around. The snow we have is ground up and fast. Yesterday Eddie and Ro skied the Woodcock/Snow Goose, their everyday ski. We had two people, never on skis before, ski for 4 hours. They  skied 2 Turkeys, 2 Woodcocks, and 1 Snow Goose. They loved it and hoped to come back today. And 2 people snow shoed the Goshawk and Middle Blue Jay. They were very happy and tired.

The skiing is what it is, better than nothing. Would a nice snow fall help? You bet! But in the mean time, it is nice to be outside. And skiing or snow shoeing is always better than sitting at a desk.

PS The new Side by Side is here. And the groomer for it arrives tomorrow. Will post pictures soon.

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