We are closed today, hoping to open tomorrow and praying for snow Monday night/Tuesday.


Closed. 32º this morning the temperature forecast for today is 38º, partly sunny.

The plan for today is for shoveling on the Turkey, Woodcock and Snow Goose. All shovelers welcome. Getting each trail open again as we can.

The forecast for Monday night Tuesday is for some snow. A couple of inches will help. Right now the forecast is for 1-3 Monday night and 1-3 Tuesday. In my dreams I dream of another big 2 or 3 foot snow. This photo is from years ago, taken by our friend Wilma D. Just a reminder of what a lot of snow looks like.

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    • Eric H on February 11, 2024 at 8:50 am
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    Sending positive (ie: heavy!) snow vibes from the Canmore World Cup! Not too much snow here either, but we’ll send whatever we can home-ward to Peru! Missing everyone at WWs!

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