Open, 7 km to start the day. Ask for updates.


Open, 27º at 7:00 am. 7 km open to start the day. Partly cloudy today and a high of 37º. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey. Ask when you get here for updates. Decent skiing. Loose corn snow. Very skiable. We spent yesterday moving snow onto the trails, we were on skis and it was a good ski with some shoveling thrown in.

Photos are from yesterday. This is a work in progress. The first photo is after Ian shoveled snow onto the trail in front of the barn. The second photo is this morning, after Ian has started grooming.

The first photo is what most of the skiing looked/looks like. And the second photo is Heather pulling her scoop shovels.

And this is how the shoveler(s) left the trails for the groomer this morning. Most of the trails were good skiing. We shoveled onto a few thin spots and some slick spots. The skiing really will be ok today.

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