The Skiing is Good, and We Are Working On Maps


Open, 5º at 7am, partly sunny. Expected high today 22º.

Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine are open.

Dick skied all open trails yesterday and reported back. All skiing is really good. He said the Snow Goose extension is still thin, he, Ian, and Chuck will tackle that on Monday with boughs and shovels to the wet spots. He is quite impressed with how well the shoveling they did last week held up on the Woodcock. Then with the grooming Ian did on Tuesday morning to even the trail out. Three times around each trail with the new groomer. Ian told me he was driving very slow, to even, loosen and move the snow from high spots to lower spots.

This is the map from TrailHUB. Cliff has been working his fingers raw trying to get the mapping all pulled together. He is amazing and doing a great job. He almost has us a paper map to hand out. And he has TrailHUB updated, so, you could use that on your phone instead of a trail map. When using TrailHUB on the trail, it GPSs you and drops a pin. You know exactly where you are. Let one of us know if you need help with TrailHUB.

The Burr and Burton ski team has been here every week day going on two weeks. They have their first ski race on Saturday and they are more prepared for the first race than they ever have been. This is quite a large team this year. Here is a picture of the skis they leave overnight. Ready to go again the next day.



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