The Calm Before the Storm


Beautiful sunrise kind of morning.

Open, 16º at 7am. Forecast high 37º.

Spring skiing. Hard and fast in the morning, slower and softer as the temperatures and sun warm the snow.

The storm due in Wednesday/Thursday sounds quite exciting. Heavy, wet snow. 13 -17 inches of heavy, wet snow. Localized amounts up to 20″. We all love snow or we wouldn’t be here reading or writing about skiing. Really, that much heavy, wet snow will be a lot of work.

The skiing this weekend will be fantastic. Great weekend to come up!

In preparation of that work, Ian is working on the Ranger (aka Polaris side by side). The new rig has 50 hours on it and it is time for an oil change. Planning on needing to put in many miles Wednesday and Thursday to get it all groomed out for your pleasure, he is  off to Pinnacle View to get the oil and needed filter. Home to change the oil and prepare for snow.

The late morning job is gathering the sap. The sap wasn’t expected to run yesterday at 34º, but the temperature went to 37º. We will be boiling by late this afternoon if you would like a tour of the sugar house.



    • Paul on March 6, 2018 at 7:22 am

    Great photo! Mind if I borrow it temporarily for my FB cover photo? Thanks Tracy!

    1. Paul, of course you can “borrow” it. I guess we should figure out a way to get “Wild Wings Ski” on the photo somehow, so people know where to come and ski! I do love this picture. It was taken a couple weeks ago by Ian. The groomers, being up early get to see an amazing show. Not everyday, but often!

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