Skiing Today and the Track Is Nice!


Picture of todays grooming. And it looks good.

Open, 27º at 8:00am. Forecast high 34º.

Ian took the pictures on the Turkey. The skiing looks good. I wouldn’t wait. Get out and ski. He is grooming Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey and Grouse. Lower Bluejay and Godhawk are also groomed, with a few small crevasses to navigate around on the last big hill. Come in the shop when you get here to find out if we can just ski some of the other trails as is.

  • Some of the things we have learned this season.:
  • Ski when the skiing is good. Everything else will still be there when you are done skiing.
  • If today is warm, tomorrow will be cold.
  • If today snow is falling, tomorrow could be the “R” word.
  • We love our new groomer.
  • We have lots of friends. Whether they are coming skiing. Shoveling snow. Bringing their friends skiing. Or designing a new web site. We have a friend that loaned us a groomer when ours were both down.
  • Right this minute there is something between our website and Chrom/google. If you are not seeing any pictures on the web site and you are using Chrome as a browser, look the site in Safari or Fire Fox. This is temporary.
  • American Women ski fast.  WOW!
  • We love our jobs!

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