Six Inches of Wet Snow, And Snow All Day!


Open and SNOWY!!!!!!! 31º at 6:45am. And snowing. 7 inches of new snow. It is heavy, and stuck in the trees. So beautiful and quiet out. The forecast is for snow for the rest of the day. The schools are closed. Skiing, snowman, snow fort, and snowball kind of day!

What is happening at 6:30am, 1/9/2019.

And the skiing, it will be good, snowy, slow, skiing. You need maxiglide. Ian will get to try out his new piece of grooming equipment. He has a new roller. It leaves big ripples to catch snow when the wind blows and it is suppose to blow this afternoon. The wind blowing will dry the snow out. And the skiing coming up for the next 4 or 5 days is going to be the best!!! If you don’t have plans to come to ski, you might want to make some.

This is the corduroy from the new roller. It leaves deeper ripples. Perfect for snow farming.

And the skiing yesterday was fantastic too. The snow was so soft. I felt like I was skiing on velvet. And the photo ops were great. The ice in the brook, fantastic and getting better with the new snow and colder temperatures.

Down along Styles Brook, great skiing, great photos. 1/8/2019. Photo Cliff Dutton



    • Jim& Mary Jane Laboudy on January 9, 2019 at 7:17 am
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    We are on our way!

    Jim & Mary Jane from Connecticut

    1. That is great!

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