It’s a great day for a fun ski – on the right trail


Open, 10º at 7am, and crystal clear. The stars, planets, moon, sunrise all putting on a show!

Moon set 12/26/18

Expecting sun this morning, clouding up this afternoon with a few flurries possible. We are happy for every flake that falls.

The Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, and Grouse open. And the Peregrine. With yesterdays 3 inches of snow the conditions were packed powder. Today it is hard pack, so the skiing is faster. Yesterday it finally happened on the Peregrine, a few people skied up there that shouldn’t have. To ski up there you have to be able to ski down hill. Especially in the conditions we have now. Hard and fast. That trail was probably skied 200 times. (Because some of the really good skiers skied it 4 or 5 times each.)

One of the downhills on the Peregrine. Photo 12/20/18.

There were 3 people who had trouble on their trip around. It really is important to be able to ski down it you go up there. It is not fun it you can’t ski it. We never want anyone to get hurt, so please use your best judgment about going up there. Chuck’s mom wants everyone to pass the “Grouse Test”. Ski the Grouse, if it is fun and easy the other harder trails would be ok too. And you can always ask us. We can talk to you about your ability and the trails. You can ski laps around the Woodcock, Snow Goose each time you will see something you missed the time before. When Dick skies for distance, he sometimes does 10 to 15 laps around the Snow Gooses before he comes back in.

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