Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers.


Open, 17º at 7am. AND 3.5 inches of new snow.

Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers. Kahlil Gibran

New tracks set 12/25/18

Wow!!! Ian had planned on grooming this morning, but 3.5 inches of new snow is such a gift for all of us. He loves it when he can groom and the skiing is wonderful. And today, the skiing is great! Yesterday I was hearing about how great it was. And now 3.5 inches of snow. What a great day today!

That being said, we are still skiing on a minimal amount of snow. Which means it takes a lot of work to get to today. Shoveling, laying boughs on wet spots and shoveling, picking up sticks and twigs, ditching so the water goes downhill. There was some more shoveling done yesterday. Thank you little elves. And now with new snow. What a gift of great skiing.

Andy just doing a little shoveling 12/24/18.

And with all the rain and water around and then the cold temperatures. Be sure to slow down and meander down by the brook. The ice changes daily and when it puts on a show. The show is spectacular.

Part of the ice show from 12/24/18.

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