Another Good Day For A Ski!


Open, 10º and partly cloudy. The expected high today is 26º, with clouds and sun all day. Tonight a messy weather system moves in, starting as snow but forecast to be raining by Friday morning, and rain Friday. We won’t know about skiing tomorrow, until tomorrow. Then we are back to a wait and see how it all plays out.

Gretchen and Ian skiing on the Woodcock, 12/26/18.

The skiing is firmly packed powder snow. A dusting of snow overnight.  Quick snow, but skiable. We had a lot of happy beginners yesterday skiing around the Woodcock and Snow Goose. Dick skied the Peregrine in just under 20 minutes yesterday and is challenging anyone 75 or older to beat his time (he thinks this is a hoot!). Bill’s friend Bob then came in and skied it faster, he’s 79.

If you are planning on skiing, get out there today. We just don’t know about the weather.

Ian on skis, 12/26/18.


    • Greg on December 28, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    I am in Manchester and would like to learn how to cross country ski and take a lesson. Is this possible because it does not look like a lot of snow. Looking at Sunday or Monday as a possibility. Thanks.


    1. Please subscribe to our Skiing News blog to keep up on the latest conditions. We post frequent updates.

    2. Thanks Cliff for the quick reply. Greg we are open again on Sunday and Monday. The skiing will be hard and fast. Not a great day for a timid beginner. And not a great day for a lesson. Six inches of new snow would be a way better time for a lesson.

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