One more last day.


Open, 37º and mostly cloudy. Spring skiing, variable conditions. Forecast high today 45º, and rain later. The earlier you can ski, the better.

It did not freeze overnight. So the snow is soft corn snow. 18km open and groomed last on Sunday.

We are still skiing, another last day. Not perfect skiing, thin in spots, but it is skiing.

The forecast for the rest of the week does not look good for skiing! But the weather has thrown us lots of surprised this year!


    • Willie Donaldson on March 15, 2022 at 7:31 am

    Hi, Tracy,

    I have been trying to get up there all season, but delays in work on my house have prevented me from leaving for any length of time. This is the 4th year I haven’t been able to ski (my broken shoulder and two covid years and this one) …I wonder if I will even be able to stand up on the skis next year. BUT…I am ever hopeful.

    I hope to come up the weekend of March 25/26/27 just to visit. Maybe March will go out like a lion as it has so often and I can ski at least once. I really miss my VT ski winters.

    Continue to stay well…


    1. We have missed you. The photo of the heart on the brook was discussed yesterday with my 11 yo grand daughter. If we don’t see you this year, then next!

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