Closed for skiing. We are boiling maple syrup today.


We are closed for skiing. 31º at 7am. There was a little rain overnight and a little bit slippery out there. The sun is trying to shine though the clouds. The high temperature is suppose to be around 50º with sunshine.

It is a beautiful day to make maple syrup.

By noon the evaporator should be going strong. Chuck is gathering the tubing barrels now. The buckets about 8:30. And then we will fire up the evaporator. We welcome visitors! Bring pickles.

FYI–The sugar house is up the hill from the barn and behind the red house.

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    • Michael Ghitelman on March 16, 2022 at 8:57 am

    Can my 2 well behaved dogs accompany me to visit the maple syrup making?

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