Not Today, But, We Will Be Open Tomorrow.


My favorite spot.

Closed 31º at 7am. The temperature dropping all day with a low tonight of 4º.

The roller coaster of temperatures and weather this year. I don’t have to tell you. Too warm, too cold, too snowy, too rainy, too sandy, too icy. Just tooooooooo………Time to get out your ice cleats again. Martha told Chuck yesterday, she doesn’t take anymore chances, she wears them. If in doubt, put them on. (mine are on my shoes)

But, tomorrow is another day. 

We have plenty of snow to allow use of all the fabulous grooming equipment we own. Ian will go out grooming and have us skiing again first thing Tuesday morning. He will either use the snow cat and tiller, or the side by side, and ginzu. Probably a combination of both. And the skiing will be good. Good snow depth allows us to do that. 

The temperatures on Wednesday are back up close to 40º. Which is also good skiing, good, spring skiing.

A note on the new web site. If you look to the right side you will see a subscription to get an email every time I post on of these informative little “blogs” or “posts”, since I am really not a “blogger”. It will not hurt my feelings if you do not subscribe, I know, you know, how to get here to get info when you want. On the other hand if you don’t want to go searching, Cliff has made it easy for you. A little about how Cliff is helping. Cliff built a site for Wild Wings using Word Press. For anyone that has done any web site work, you know it can be difficult, hard, frustrating and time consuming. I had always done our web site by myself using Rapid Weaver. With very limited knowledge. And had to learn and figure out anything that went wrong. I now have help. Whew! You may or may not have any idea what a life changer that is. But, if I screw up Cliff catches it. If I don’t know how to do something Cliff either does it, or, if it is something I will be doing again, educates me so I can do it myself. I am so grateful for the help!!!! The new site looks good, it is great, and we can get more information to you.



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