What is Your Excuse? Good Spring Skiing.


And the groomer tests out the tracks.

Open, 31º at 7am. Forecast high of 33º.

Spring skiing conditions today. 24 k open, groomed and tracked. Ian just came in from skiing the Turkey and it is good skiing. Soft, moist snow. Beautiful in the woods.

In the last week, 22 inches of snow have fallen. The skiing has been absolutely fantastic. Yes, even yesterday. There were a lot of skiers here yesterday. Some big groups. And a few couples and singles who came skiing and skied by themselves while the others from there group stayed back at the lodge reading and watching TV. 

The people that got themselves together despite the cloudy, drippy weather, were outside breathing fresh clean air, moving muscles, checking out the meandering brook. Looking at beautiful trees. The hardest part is getting yourself together and into the car. You will love being out in the woods.

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