Just Get Out and Ski!


Open, -1º at 7am. Expected high 26º. The skiing is fabulous! All trails open. If you aren’t skiing today, the whole week looks good, organize some time to ski. Today will be the day we see the most sun.

Ian and G. skied the Chickadee/Loon and finished with the Peregrine on Sunday. Pictures worth a thousand words. Well here are some photos!

Ian and G. coming in off the Chickadee. 1/13/2019

Ian and G. on the Loon. Ian holding his phone behind his back and skiing down, at the same time taking pictures. G falls, and it was a tumble. Ian gets to the bottom of the hill and is waiting for him. And waiting. Checks his phone to see if the photos can tell him where G. is. He sees G.’s tumble in the photos. Still no G. Waits, and finally G. skis down. “Where were you?” Ian asks. G. says, “I fell, so I climbed back up the hill to do it again. I love the Loon!”

The orange blob is G. after a tumble on the Loon. 1/13/2019

Ian and G. out for a ski!

And the tracks, fabulous wonderful tracks!

The tracks……..1/13/2019

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