Another Great Day of Skiing


Open, 7º, at 7am, and clear beautiful starry skies. Partly cloudy skies and a high of 25º expected. The skiing, it is great. All trails open. 25km classic and 5km skate. The skate lane has firmed up nicely and the classic tracks are solid and really good skiing.

Ian and Dick worked on the Waite’s Place Loop yesterday. Five hours of shoveling. No photos. Too much work to do. The loop is up on the Chickadee, it was last year’s logging job. It is just about ready to ski.

Chickadee is wonderful, Loon still ungroomed. Please note there are people lobbying for the Loon to stay ungroomed as long as Ian can let it be ungroomed. And there are people lobbying for him to groom it soon. As of Tuesday and Wednesday it will not be groomed. If you love it ungroomed you have a few more days to ski it ungroomed. If you want it groomed you have to wait few more days until it is groomed

Magic happens early on sunny mornings. 1/14/2019

Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse, Goshawk and Peregrine are all really nice hard pack. The powdery snow has firmed up and the skiing isn’t quite as slow. Middle and Upper Blue Jay, that is where the daytime magic is happening.

Magic also happens at the end of the day. 1/14/2019

There is talk of a storm this weekend and the forecast look good. Come up for the weekend and you just may get to stay an extra day for a snow day.



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