Coming Up, Three Days In A Row Of Pretty Good Skiing


Open, 17º at 7am and it is partly cloudy right this minute. There is snow expected today. We are in the 3-5 inch range.

We woke up to 2 inches of snow yesterday morning, it then snowed all day, Amazing how little snow it takes to really make the skiing better. Ian has a track in on the Woodcock, Snow Goose, Peregrine Turkey and Grouse. He is out on a machine right now. grooming away.  And while I may not know exactly where he is at this moment, I know he is making the skiing better for you.

The weather and how it will affect the skiing,  suppose to snow today, 3-5″. Skiing on Saturday will be great, 23º and partly sunny and Sunday will be good skiing, partly sunny, 32º, you will need Maxiglide on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are forecast for rain and 40º, if that happens we will be closed those two days and maybe until we get more snow.

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