New Snow And Sunshine


Open, 9º and mostly sunny. The expected high is 21º and mostly sunny. More snow all day yesterday. 3.3 inches by the time the snow stopped last night when the clouds parted, and the half moon lit up the sky.

All feed back from skiers is the skiing is great!

Ian is using the Ranger and the Ginzu (the medium size groomer) to groom this morning. I was walking the dogs and met up with Ian at the Woodcock road crossing. He said the skiing is decent early season skiing. The track is going is well in places and in spots the cover is thin. We have had quite a few skiers and no one has come in and said they hit a rock. This definition of thin is more that the track won’t be as perfect as Ian would like.

The skiing today will be good, (or better). The temperature tomorrow will be right around 32º and mostly sunny, skiing still good. You will need Maxiglide. And Monday and Tuesday rain is in the forecast. We will be closed Monday and Tuesday. We will reopen as soon as the temperatures and snow allow.


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