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Arrrgh, Closed Again.

Closed, 36º overnight and currently. Forecast high 39º.

Yesterday’s beautiful covering of snow has mostly melted. And the spots that were wet are wet again. 

The weather this year! Warm, rain, cold, snow repeat. We have had so much good skiing and most of it has come on a weekday. … more

And We’re Skiing Again

Open, 17º at 7am. Forecast high 33º.

Trails will be packed, no tracks set. It is almost rock solid under the new snow. Not the best conditions we’ve ever had, but a beautiful day to enjoy the woods. And quite a change from Wednesday’s 66°.

2 1/2 inches of snow … more

Ahhh, Spring in Vermont…….

Closed, 29º at 7am. Forecast high 31º. Also forecast, 1-3 inches of snow. We still have base, so stay tuned.

Warm Wednesday temperatures ate snow like crazy. Thank goodness for the ice base. Snow dance time!!!3-6 inches and we can be skiing again.

The road went. That means the frost … more

USA Gold Medal in Women Team Sprint

Closed, 44º, the forecast high is 63º. (We had hot dogs and smores planned for today. We will reschedule)

Yoga classes will still happen, today 7:30am and 9:00am.

The road is not good. When the temperature is warm during the day and warm at night, the road doesn’t refreeze and … more

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