Best Skiing Of The Year


Open, 7º and clear skies.  Forecast high 9º and mostly sunny. All trails open, 25 km. Freshly groomed this morning. 25 km classic and 6 km skate.  Best skiing of the year.  Loop of the day, Peregrine, Middle Blue Jay and Upper Blue Jay.

Happy Valentines Day to you! It will be a great day for a ski. Any loop will be good. I know it is cold outside. Think of it as finally winter. And we all want more winter. You all own or have purchased the warm clothes. Today you get to use them.

Mittens! Neck warmer, hand warmers, dry socks, and layers, so when you get too warm you can take something off.

Saturday’s high is around 23º, not cold at all. Just winter.

Get yourself organized and get outside and enjoy winter at its finest.

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