Another Super Ski Day


Open, -9º and sunny skies. Expected high today 23º, starting sunny, clouds rolling in.

All trails open. All skiing is good to great. Middle Blue Jay is a little bumpy. 25 km of classic along with 6 km of skate.

The temperature for today will be perfect. It will feel like winter instead of almost spring. You have purchased the warm clothes, wear them, also being careful to not over dress. 

If you are new or newer to this sport remember you make you own heat. You are not trying to stay warm on the lift, or just skiing down hill. 

This sport is also, usually quieter and not as hectic. With that being said, this is a busy weekend. You will see more people in the parking lot and base area this weekend. Once you get on a trail you won’t see many people. The trails are one way and you see the people who pass you or you pass. Or you see people at an intersection.

Cliff took the panorama below on Thursday where upper and lower Peregrine loops meet. Click it once to start it playing or drag it right or left. There are high def and full screen buttons too.

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