Perfect Day For a Ski, Perfect Ski For a Day


Nice tracks.

Open, 3º at 6:30am, forecast high 20º. Today the skiing is perfect.

The skiing is absolutely fabulous. The tracks are in and set up. The sky this morning is clear and going to start out blue. The wax is also blue. Another fabulous, wonderful day. 

The weather is going to warm up for the weekend. The skiing will still be good. The weather prediction is snow overnight, rain/snow Saturday. Occasional rain/mix Sunday. The temperatures both days in the high 30ºs.

Now that we have enough snow, the skiing will stay good. Because, enough snow even wet and then frozen can be ground up with the snow cat and tiller. The same combination as the alpine areas.

How our week is going, the 23 year old snow blower crapped out yesterday. I guess it lasted 3 years past Chuck and Ian thinking it was on its last legs. Chuck found a used snow blower for sale on Craig’s list and is on his way up north to pick it up. Ian, after spending hours and hours grooming is going to ski Chickadee, Middle and Upper Blue Jay, and Woodcock/Snow Goose. He is going to take advantage of the perfect conditions today. 


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