Been a Pretty Busy Week Up On the Mountain


Work meeting on the new trail, Sunday, September 23rd, at 9am. Ian and Bill have some wood to move. The buncher left a little wood in the way. Needs to be moved before the excavator comes in. The buncher, did you notice I did not say “feller-buncher”, if you are in the “know” it is “buncher”. Bring work gloves and water and wear study boots.

He was at the neighbors last Sunday. At our closest neighbor, Jenny. She snapped a picture of him. Shadow was scared, and barked like crazy.

The larger of the two piles of coyote scat in the driveway. They came thru in the middle of the night. I am hoping they ate a few squirrels and mice on their way through.

Maple leaf cutter action. The holes in the leaf are from the caterpillar. The little holes that fall out and onto the ground are the larvae. A little worm in in each little leaf hole litter. The larvae in the leaf hole then over winters in the leaf litter on the ground and emerge in the spring to turn into the maple leafcutter moth. If you want more info click here for a link.

Look at the pollen on the happy, heavy bee!

We have 2 grey squirrels, and a black squirrel, this year, in addition to the naughty red squirrels. I have seen them carrying away entire sunflowers. They are also destroying and taking away toilet paper. I envision a hole in a tree. A squirrel condo. Lined with toilet paper and the heads of sunflowers. A pretty little place.

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