A Beautiful Blue Sky Day


Ellen peaceOPEN

The skiing is fast. If you are new to skiing, it is a good time to try snowshoeing.

2º at 7:00am.

Forecast high, 25º.

Ian has been round and round with the groomer. There is skiable snow on top of frozen granular. No tracks.

This is double pole skiing and good for klister. Wax on waxed skis wore off yesterday in about 10 minutes.

I skied yesterday. I used soft, short, wide, no wax skis. It was fast and fun. I did not feel out of control.

If you are new to skiing it would be a great! day for a snow shoe. The sun is out, the sky is blue.

The temperature for the weekend is 43º, Saturday and 39º, Sunday. The snow slows down when it warms up. There are snowflakes in the forecast. Lots of snow would be so good. But it doesn’t take much to slow the skiing down.

The ground will be icy in places, parking lots, other places you may need to walk on. Put the ice cleats in the car, so you have them if needed. We have put down lots of sand, and I still do not go out there without the ice cleats on my shoes.

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