All trails open and the skiing is super.


Open, -11º and cloudy at 6am. Forecast high today, 12º and sunny.

All trails open, 25 km. Skiing is really good. The tracks are in and holding up nicely.

Dick said the Chickadee was the best he has ever seen it this early in the season. Mary and Fern talked about the snow pack hardening. Both are right.

Groomed snow after it sets up is called hardpack. The definition from google-“This is an often-misunderstood snow term. When fresh snow becomes densely packed, it is hardpack. The snow has never melted and recrystallized, but has been tightly compressed through grooming, skier traffic, or wind exposure. … Hardpack retains a white color, unlike frozen granular snow.”

Hard pack is really nice skiing. If your skis are slipping on hard pack, work on your weight transfer.

Ian has the path between the Covid shed and the barn built up and packed out. He moved a lot of snow. This photo is pushing the snow around. He groomed it out last night. Check it out today it is beautiful.

Call to schedule a private lesson, a day or two notice is appreciated.

Keep your eyes open out in the woods, last week a couple skiers saw a fisher cat run up a tree.

Ask about swag if you are in need of a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

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    • Diana Smith on January 21, 2022 at 10:27 am

    Thank you all for your hard and amazing work, especially in who works with mother nature to make our lives fun

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