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Feb 11 2018

What is Your Excuse? Good Spring Skiing.

And the groomer tests out the tracks.

Open, 31º at 7am. Forecast high of 33º.

Spring skiing conditions today. 24 k open, groomed and tracked. Ian just came in from skiing the Turkey and it is good skiing. Soft, moist snow. Beautiful in the woods.

In the last week, 22 inches of snow have fallen. The skiing has been absolutely fantastic. Yes, even yesterday. There were a lot of skiers here yesterday. Some big groups. And a few couples and singles who came skiing and skied by themselves while the others from there group stayed back at the lodge reading and watching TV.  ... 

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Feb 10 2018

Good, Good Skiing to be Had Today

Snow flee ski.

We had the best ski around the Lower Blue Jay. The tracks were great we skied right up the hills. The downhill was slow, but fun. And the kids brought home snow fleas, which are now being housed in my refrigerator. 

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Feb 10 2018

And the Skiing is Fine

Good tracks at the beginning of the Blue Jay.

Open, 26º at 6:30am, forecast high 40º. 1/2 inch of new snow.

In the last week it snowed about 2 feet. All trails are open and have a double track thanks to our new grooming rig.

That snow has been groomed to perfection by Ian. (His birthday is today, somebody get him an egg sandwich from Bromley Market, and everybody else give him a hug.) ... 

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Feb 09 2018

Perfect Day For a Ski, Perfect Ski For a Day

Nice tracks.

Open, 3º at 6:30am, forecast high 20º. Today the skiing is perfect.

The skiing is absolutely fabulous. The tracks are in and set up. The sky this morning is clear and going to start out blue. The wax is also blue. Another fabulous, wonderful day. 

The weather is going to warm up for the weekend. The skiing will still be good. The weather prediction is snow overnight, rain/snow Saturday. Occasional rain/mix Sunday. The temperatures both days in the high 30ºs. ... 

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Feb 08 2018

Perfect Tracks Cause Stress!

I was the first to get to ski up the Blue Jay. I did not want to be the first to herringbone and wreck the tracks.  And anyone who has skied up the hill behind the barn know it gets pretty darn steep. It was a super hard arm work out.

Ian gets a ski, after grooming and before heading out to take the Burr and Burton ski team to a race. He is a very happy camper with the way the new groomer is working, the tracks are great and the corduroy is pretty. A very happy camper!!!!  ... 

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Feb 08 2018

Careful What You Wish For (edited 8:36am)

Lots of Snow

Open, 14º at 8:30am, with an expected high of 18º. And the skiing is fine.

8.5 inches of snow. Not as much snow as forecast, but it is plenty.  Ian was in the snow cat grooming yesterday from 10:00am until 9:00pm last night. He was back out there this morning before 5am. I agree that seems a little crazy, but the snow hardens up overnight and settles, maybe today is easier grooming.   ... 

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Feb 07 2018

Yoga Schedule in February

Yoga on Saturday, February 10th and 24th, 8:30-9:30am                                                                                                              (no yoga the Saturday the 17th or Monday the 19th) ... 

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