The Skiing Is Perfect, According to Dick!


Open, 7º at 6:45am, and a clear, bright morning. High temperature today is 10º. The skiing is absolutely fabulous. The snow is wonderful. Being a little higher up in elevation, our snow stayed pretty dry during the last storm. The tracks are nice, the skate lanes are still a little soft.

Rob skiing on the Chickadee, right before it joins the Upper Blue Jay. 1/10/2019

The Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse, Peregrine, and the Chickadee are groomed and ready to go. Middle Blue Jay is being worked on and Upper Blue Jay now groomed  and ready to ski. The Loon will be primitive for another day or two. Meaning people are skiing, but Ian has not groomed it yet. Those who have skied report, fun, bumpy, and big wind drifts.

On the Chickadee, just before the second road crossing. 1/11/2019

I skied the Chickadee yesterday. I could have cut my time in half if I hadn’t kept stopping to take pictures, or just stopping to enjoy the beauty and quiet.

These are the tracks on the Peregrine. I am embarrassed to say I did not immediately recognize them.

Turkey tracks on the Peregrine. 1/10/2019

The turkeys are up on Peregrine waddling around, and puffing up to stay warm. You can stay warm too while you are outside skiing. Remember cross country skiing creates heat. And we all own the warm clothes, time to haul them out.

  • Mittens, NOT gloves!!
  • Neck gaiter.
  • Dry shirt and socks, before and after.
  • Layers. Thin layers. A good time for a down layer.
  • Break out the wool sweater. They really are warm.
  • And your long underwear! It will stay dry close to your skin.
  • A hood is good.
  • And if you know you have cold hands and feet, use hand warmers and/or toe warmers.



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