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Open, 24º, a half inch of new snow and cloudy. Expected high today 27º and cloudy. Skiing today is fair to good, hard pack skiing, getting a little fast (new snow will slow it down) with a lot of thin spots. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and Peregrine are open. 16 km, classic and 6 km skate. The Chickadee is open today, recommended only if you have a strong snow plow.

We were all embarrassingly happy with the snow flakes falling Monday afternoon. It was about 20 flakes, and we were ridiculously excited. Thank goodness it snowed a little more overnight. Ian is not grooming and leaving the new snow on top of the groomed trails. He skied it this morning and this is the best use of the new snow.

Ian wishes we had more snow, he finds it frustrating to not be able to have perfect skiing all day, every day. That would be his wish. While I understand his frustration, I am so happy we have any skiing to offer you.

Keep up the good work everyone. Home if you are sick, masks, a ski pole distance away from other people, and the contact tracing form. Thanks.

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