Spring skiing…….winding down


Open, 29º at 7 am and sunny. Forecast high, 58º and there could be a few clouds. The photo is from late yesterday’s grooming, Ian set about 5 km of with new tracks, groomers choice. It will be fast corn skiing and the track will hold early this morning. By 11:00 it will all soft mashed potatoes and slow spring skiing.

There are a few rocks and dirt patches emerging. Nothing yet you can’t ski around. Loon was getting tricky on the downhill yesterday morning. Skip it if you are up there while it is still fast. Upper Blue Jay holds the snow the longest, and Middle Blue Jay will start having bare spots emerge, but on Middle Blue Jay you can get around those easily. The first hill on the Chickadee always melts out early, walk up the hill and you still get a nice long ski.

The view from above.

We will be boiling late this afternoon and tonight, if anyone wants to come hang out.

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