Spring Skiing and Tapping Out


Dartmouth Women’s Ski Team enjoying the pump track. 3/14/2019

Open, 31º and cloudy. Overcast today with the high temperature around 45º. Spring skiing is here, faster in the morning and slower when the temperature warms up. Faster again at end of day. 22 km classic and 6 km skate.

The skiing is really good again today. The weather doesn’t sound great for Friday, we may be closed, please check before driving out.

Wednesday was a great day! Lots of fun, lots of laughing. Lots of sun. Wednesday made day 92 days of being open for skiing. Today, 93. Add 10 days of skiing for season pass holders before the official count started and that is a lot of skiing. And we were closed a day here or there for rain, wind, and/or shoveling snow or picking up sticks. The first day skiing was November 12th, and here we are, just a few long months later, 103 days of skiing, pretty darn respectable.

And this is how we tell spring is finally here,

Sugaring time! Our buckets are up, tapping the tubing today

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