Great Day For An Old Ski


Our fiend Bill on his 1976 mohair skis

Great day for an old ski! 3/12/2019

Open, 12º and sunny at 7am. Expected high 36º and sunny. 22 km open and groomed with a classic track. 6 km groomed for skate. Low trails re-groomed with the PistenBully. Chickadee (but not Waites Loop or the Heart Loop) groomed with the little machine. Upper trails are still great powdery snow, really fabulous skiing. Yes, you need Maxiglide.

This is our friend Bill he spent yesterday doing laps up above. Love the shield, they are great for days when it is snowing. I really do need one. I had a Con Shield years ago that Velcroed to my hat. This upgrade with the strap looks good. And the skis. This pair of skis, called “hairies” back in the day, are the skis Bill used in the 1976 Olympics and Bill with this pair of skis skied the fastest relay time of the day. And, they both still have it. I would say the skis are “sendy”, but I would have to ask someone younger than me if I used the term correctly. I did Google “sendy” and it popped up, “the act of extreme going for it-ness”.  So yes, the ski and the skier are considered “sendy”.

Spring skiing reminder. Warm temperature during the day, slower skiing. In the afternoon when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, the skiing can and does get really fast. If in doubt ask us.

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