Snow Storm Deja Vu


Tuesday JISP day.

Open, 3º at 7am and clear. Beautiful red sunrise. Red sky at morning……storms coming in.

What a sunrise! 2/12/2019

This morning: sunny til it clouds up. Very fast but it’s loosened up nicely. There is a track where Ian could get one in. BUT, with the first snow flake the new snow will slow the skiing down. So all in all this afternoon would be a great time to ski.

The weather people are now calling for 5 to 8 inches of snow late Tuesday afternoon, evening. And 5 to 8 inches of snow/sleet tonight. And another inch of snow Wednesday. This is pretty much the same weather snow pattern we had in the middle of January. Lots of snow, a sleet layer and more snow. It is not bad. It allows for better skiing sooner after the new snow. So stay tuned, really good skiing on it’s way!

Great new snow! Temperatures around 32º on Wednesday and Thursday. Warmer on Friday. And high 20’s on Saturday and Sunday. Good stretch of weather coming up.


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