Skiing And Waiting For The Snow to Start


Grooming  the north field.

Open, 13º at 7am and sunny. We will have about 12km open, including 5km for skate. The warm temperatures and rain transformed the snow, it is fast, but very skiable! We have tracks in where they would go in. We still have 7-12” of packed snow on the lower trails.

The Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse Turkey, Goshawk and Peregrine are open. Ian is checking on the Chickadee this afternoon for blow downs. Looks like it could be open Wednesday and Thursday. Then we will see what the Friday/Saturday weather brings.

The forecast as of Monday morning for the Tuesday/ Wednesday storm, looks like around 12″ of snow/sleet. Much needed and will give us a great boost and some extra snow to work with for the weekend.

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