Regroomed This Morning


Open. 3º at 6am. Sunny and expected high 27º.

Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Turkey and Peregrine.

The skiing yesterday was hard and fast. So Ian is grooming this morning. Thank goodness we have enough snow to use the Ranger and Ginzu. He is in out of the cold with the heat on as he drives around loosening  the surface.  This will give us the kind of skiing that some people think is great, they push off and glide around. And some people will think it is too fast. Which are you? If speed and balance are your thing you will love it. A good double pole workout. If you like to go slow and not have to stay on top of your skis, it will be fast for you.

All of this makes it hard for me to say the skiing is…..and fill in the blank………. Ian thinks it is great. Chuck thinks it is fast. Carl and Alex said it was fast. Ian’s 30 kids from the Burr and Burton team thought is was good. 

Also, remember it is December 11. The sun is the strongest between 11am and 1pm. And the sun also softens the snow.

Both pictures are from this morning (12/11/18)

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