Nice, loose frozen granular. A little spring skiing.


Skiing the Lower Blue JaySkiing the Lower Blue Jay

Ian is going around and round again this morning.

Everyday the snow is different and the same. First, about yesterday. Ian ground the trails, again, fast and very skiable. Some people were on snow shoes, some people snow shoed and then skied and some people just skied. The temperature did go up, went to about 45º. The skiing was good, slower and fun.

Today: A little rain last night. A drizzle while the moon poked through the clouds. Wet, loose granular surface, fast, good skiing. It is grinding up nicely today because the temperature didn’t get as cold last night.  Open trails are the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Lower Blue Jay. I skied the Turkey, Grouse, and Lower Blue Jay with various little kids yesterday. All were good.


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