Grinding the Snow, Still Skiing


Open. 25º and cloudy at 7am. Expected high 29º remaining cloudy with the possibility of winter mix.

Ian is grinding up Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine. The snow is grinding into a loose frozen granular. There will be a few icy spots. Shallow classic track in most places. It will be pretty fast, but skiable. It’s a good day for novices to snowshoe.

This is the view Ian has from inside the groomer.

This group of wonderful teenage skiers have just returned from 2 weeks of traveling. Some in Norway and some in British Columbia. They had a great time here yesterday! Around and around and then a few of them built a jump. If you’ve been here while the jump builders are here you know you can sit in the warming room and watch out the windows as they build, ski and jump. Watching kids play. What joy!

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