Closed/Open for season pass holders


Finishing up and shutting down on Wednesday after the power went out.

Closed/Open for season pass holders, 34º and cloudy. High today 50º.  Two inches of snow at midnight. By 7am, it had melted down to 1/2 an inch of snow. The new snow is heavy and wet. It will slow the skiing down. Expect variable conditions. Would be a good day for a Woodcock/Snow Goose ski. And you might run into a few sticks or branches from the wind Wednesday night. In gerneral the Peregrine and Upper and Middle Blue Jay have more snow. The very beginning of Chickadee after the road crossing has melted out. BUT, there are still no bare spots out there. Today and tomorrow at 50º might change that.

Have sap, will boil. We gathered yesterday. Ian is going to start the evaporator about 11am. Should have syrup by 12:30ish. Boil the afternoon away, gather again at about 3pm and keep on boiling. Hope to be done boiling by about 7pm.  We will make about 8 gallons of syrup. Remember 40 gallons of sap makes about 1 gallon of syrup. And on our evaporator we make about 1 1/2 gallons an hour.

Big thank you to Chip and Fin and friends for helping gather this year. Ian is injured (an inconvenience, but not a big deal) and we are even more  happy to have help!

AND, Dick, Chuck found your saw. If you don’t get up here, we will bring it down.

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