Category: Trail Conditions

February 10, 2022

Open, 31º and light snow. An inch of snow overnight. The forecast is for 35º and maybe a little more snow. The skiing is good. All trails are open, 25 km classic and 10 km skate.

February 9, 2022

Open, 18º and partly sunny. Forecast high 37º and partly sunny, 25 km good skiing. Variable conditions depending on the temperature, time of day and sun.

February 8, 2022

Open, 28º and cloudy. One inch of snow overnight. High today 33º and cloudy. All trails open, 25 km open, 25 km classic and 10 km skate. The skiing is good. (You may need Maxiglide.)

February 6, 2022

Open, 9º and clear at 7am. Forecast high 33º and maybe an inch of snow. The skiing is good. Some folks are saying it is great and a few people were finding it hard and fast. If you find it hard and fast stay on the easier trails.

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